Top Gaming Computer Brands To Consider (Highest performance & Security)

What makes you consider a gaming PC to be elite? Well, there are quite a number of factors that should come into play including the monitor, processors, graphics card, the cooling system, memory, etc. it’s pretty obvious that a combination of these factors will make a gaming PC to be considered a top class machine.

As we all know, every elite gaming PC comes from a reputable brand. So the big question is “what are the top gaming PC brands in the world?” In this post, we’re going to make a list of top 5 gaming PC brands, and the best part is that the list is in no particular order! So if you’re planning to step into the world of PC gaming, be sure to consider these top brands.

These brands aren’t cheap, for sure. However, they definitely deliver high level performance & security for satisfying gaming experience. Also, if you are looking for a reputable store that supplies customizable gaming PC in Malaysia check IT Sentral out.

Here are the top five gaming computer brands:


The company Asus was initially founded in the year 1899 in Taipei. It is currently a multinational company (Other countries served includes Malaysia) that manufactures one of the best desktops in the world. In case you didn’t know, Asus was founded by four men who had previously worked as hardware engineers in Acer. Both their PC power and design are of superior quality, making this brand every true gamer’s favorite. Their gaming PCs are known in the market as “Republic of Gamers” or “ROG.”

Another amazing fact is that the name “Asus” was derived from the mythological creature Pegasus, which was known as a winged horse. Moreover, in 2014, Asus was officially the world’s biggest PC vendor by units sale and attained a total brand value of $1.3 billion.


Dell is yet another top gaming PC brand that deserves to be on this list. The company is located in Texas, United States. Dell was established in 1984 by Michael Dell, and it was initially known as PCs Limited. In 1996, Dell computers were launched and began generating up to $1 million per day in sales.

By 2001, Dell was officially known as the first computer provider around the world, and by 2005, the company won a spot on the list of “Americans Most Admired Companies.” Considering their innovative technology and beautiful designs, Dell deserves to be on the top 5 list. I believe most gamers are familiar with their hugely popular and powerful Alienware PC (Especially popular in Asia with raving fans from Malaysia, Singapore, China, etc).


Next on the list is Acer. The company was founded by Stan Shih, his wife as well as a group of other people in 1976. The company is located in Taiwan and was initially known as Multitech. At some point in time, Acer underwent individual reconstructions which resulted in an increase in revenue from $4.9 billion in 2003 to $11.31 in 2006. Moreover, Acer was known as the fourth largest computer vendor in the world.

While Acer is not entirely focused on gaming computers, they do have a series of desktops called Predator. The Predator series is an excellent choice for any gamer looking for good performance with a good price tag.


CyberPower was established in 1998 in the United States of America. They’re one of the top leaders in the world of computer systems. The company builds top class gaming machines, notebook stations as well as workstations for gamers, government agencies, businesses and other users. In 2003, CyberPower were the fastest growing company in Los Angeles.

The company has a won quite a number of awards including CES 2015 – best gaming PC thanks to their revolutionary CyberPower PC trinity. Moreover, the CyberPower Zeus Evo Series has been making waves right from 2015 to 2017 in the world of passionate PC gamers.


This company was founded in 1999 and has strong ties with top hardware dealers including AMD, Intel, Nvidia and much more. XoticPC is primarily focused on building powerful computers that are capable of handling top quality high graphics games.

Another good thing is that the company place their systems at affordable prices and also have a 15-day return policy which I find to be super awesome. The company also claims to have one of the best customer support system. All these good factors make this company one of the top gaming PC brands every gamer should consider.

Well, there you have it! These are the top five gaming PC brands I find to be super awesome when it comes to building high-end gaming machines. So it’s now up to you go with the brand that tickles your fancy!